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I provide lessons in the areas listed below.  All lessons are currently the following prices.


  • 30 min - £20

  • 45 min - £29

  • 60 min - £37

Lessons can be 'regular' or 'flexible'. Please click here to find out more about the difference, and about invoicing and payment methods. I can easily mix and match elements from different lessons to suit your needs. For example you may want a lessons to help with keyboard playing and songwriting.  

shared lessons

I am happy to teach all lessons to 2 people at the same time. For piano I use real piano and a fully weighted electric piano. The price is still the same. Alternatively you may want a regular lesson (see above) but only once a fortnight and maybe have someone you want to alternate with. That can be discussed to. 

free consultation lesson

I offer a free 30 min consultation lesson. We'll do a short lesson and can then chat about your requirements. You can then take your time to let me know whether or not you would like to take-up more lessons. 

Just click on the lesson you are interested in

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