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recording your music

These days it's possible to produce good quality recordings and demos of your music without having to hire an expensive recording studio. For some things, a larger 'acoustically sealed' space or 'recording studio' might be required (drum kits for example or if you want to a record a full band playing live together). However for lots of music all you need is a nice quiet space, a high powered computer with good software and a very good quality microphone and audio interface.  


Per hour I charge £37. This includes myself working with you. However if you require longer, then a session price can be negotiated.

great idea for a special present!

A recording of your music, or  you performing an arrangement of a special song could be a great present!

support with production and arrangements of your music

I can record your music to Mp3. WAV file or even CD. However I can also help you with  arrangements of your music.  For example if you have the vocal and guitar parts I can help add, bass, drums and other instrumental parts to create a bigger 'production' of your music / song. If you want I can help with ideas to develop your songs and music. 


example recordings from our studio

Below is a recording I created of a version of Californication by the Rod Hot Chillip Peppers for a company called Falifornia!

Here is an arrangement I wrote of Lean on Me by Bill Withers which I recorded and arranged for a local choir.

I created this recording of my daughter and niece singing for a recent Church Service where singing was not allowed due to Covid. 

lean on me
make me a channel of your peace
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