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regular lessons

Regular lessons are for students who want the regularity of a lesson every week. They take place during Hampshire Education Authority school term times at the following times;

Monday 2pm-6.45pm

Tuesday 3.15pm-6.45pm

Wednesday 3.15pm-6.45pm

Thursday 3.15pm-6.45pm

Lessons are invoiced every half term period (typically 6/7 weeks). Invoices are sent at the start of each period and are payable mid-way through the term, except for the very first invoice which is payable at the start. Lessons missed due to illness or otherwise are not refundable. Whenever possible I try to offer a rearranged time for a missed lesson. However the times I can offer to re-arrange are often quite limited given I teach around 30 students a week. I am happy to consider refunds on request if students are unable to attend because of educational activities such as residential trips or taking part in school plays/ concerts etc, although a re-arrangement of the lesson is preferred whenever possible. No re-arrangements or refunds are offered if no notice is given of absence. No re-arrangements or refunds are offered for students taking holidays during-term times. Lessons take place as normal on any inset/training/industrial action days. Payment is due for the full period of invoice even if lessons are terminated before the end of the half-term period.  I hope you understand these policies are to ensure I have a guaranteed income, not affected by students' attendance patterns. Schools generally invoice per term, and sometimes even per year, and offer no refunds or re-arrangements if lessons are missed. I prefer to be more flexible. If I am unable to teach a regular lesson due to illness, lessons will obviously be refunded, or can be deducted from the following invoice if preferred. 

flexible lessons

If you don't want the commitment of a regular weekly lesson, then flexible lessons are bookable anytime outside of the regular lessons time (see above) They can be arranged as often as you want and are usually payable after each lesson. With flexible lessons it is understood that either party may need to cancel or re-arrange at late notice. Flexible lessons are payable if less than 1 hour's notice is given of cancellation, or if students  do not attend. Cancellations should always be phoned or texted to 07934 791134.


Payment in preferred via bank transfer.

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