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Logic tuition.

Logic is one of the music  industry's  standard pieces of software for music composition, recording and production. With just a few basic lessons you can be using it to create beats, loops and entire songs from scratch. You can create real sounding drums, bass and guitar parts, in addition to thousands of other sounds that are in the software. You can then add 'real' audio such as voice, guitars etc to create full and finished sounding productions of your music.  Below are 3 examples of pieces I created and recorded using Logic.

The first is a version of Californication by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers I adapted for a Falmouth based company called Falifornia! All the music you hear (except for the vocals) were input via a music keyboard. 


Here is an arrangement of Lean On Me which I recorded and edited using Logic. 

lean on me

I recorded the song below for a church service at which singing was prohibited due to Covid. All parts except for the voices were played on a music keyboard. 

make me a channel of your peace
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