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Ten Minute Tutorials

I make regular video and audio lessons, each around ten minutes long, which I post on Youtube. I make them to support my teaching and to guide my students' practice. They range from some very basic concepts for complete beginners to some more complex exercises for advanced students. 

I have included a selection of them here, but you can see more if you go to my Youtube channel.

They will give you a good sense of my teaching approach and if you try a few it may help you decide whether you want to begin lessons with a teacher. 

And always remember, video lessons on Youtube can be really informative and help you develop, but nothing can ever replace a real teacher. 

Ten Minute Audio Tutorials

If you are a singing pupil or a member of one of my choirs, you will also be given access to a large series of ten minute audio tutorials which I add to regularly. You can download them to your phone or computer. Each gives you an explanation of a basic concept of technique and then gives you exercises to practice, many of which you can sing along to at home. I have a included 3 examples for you to sample.

six pure vowel sounds
00:00 / 09:56
tones and semitone 'see saws'
00:00 / 11:08
major & minor 'broken' chords
00:00 / 07:38
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